Feds promote artificial turf as safe despite health concerns

Lead levels high enough to potentially harm children have been found in artificial turf used at thousands of schools, playgrounds and day-care centers across the country, yet two federal agencies

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Internet of Things Market – Rising Initiatives Taken By Governments of Many Nations To Expand IoT Services

Worldwide Internet of Things Market is expected to reach US$1490.31 bn 2024, Internet of Things Market is expanding at a phenomenal CAGR of 20.55% 2024, Internet of Things Market revenue share Leaders of the global internet of things market in

IV+ Offering IV Therapy in Miami for a Range of Health and Lifestyle Needs

Clients Receive Custom, Proprietary Blends to Complement the Individual’s Health, Lifestyle, and Nutritional Goals IV+ offers a variety of IV therapy in Miami that provides a higher level of wellness than traditional supplements. Their products are based on a philosophy

What women want new web series by Journalism News Network UK

What women wants is a million dollar questions as men often finds it difficult to understand what women want. Often women mean different to what they say and unless men are really expert in decoding women language most men often

DCS Telecom Offering Cutting Edge Digital Phone Systems for Business Communication

Clients Get the Communications Solutions That Are Right for Their Needs The area of communications has never been more vital to businesses than it is today. As technology for digital phone systems has advanced, businesses have adapted the way they

Global and United States ERP Software Market 2017-2022 Research Report covers the Top Industry Players, Premium Solutions, Services and Applications

MarketResearchReports QYResearchReports has recently announced the addition of “2017-2022 ERP Software Report on Global and United States Market, Status and Forecast, by Players, Types and Applications” to its huge database of Research Reports. This report studies the ERP Software market

Reliable Transportation Link Offering Flexible Solutions for Warehousing in Toronto

Clients Happy with the Flexible Options for Warehousing in Toronto Offered by Reliable Transportation Link There are numerous industries that rely on warehousing services for various steps in their business process. Few of these require nothing more than a place

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Market to Prosper thanks to Rising Use in Film, Gaming, Healthcare

Virtual and Augmented Reality Market will expand at an exponential CAGR of 92.5% over the period between 2016 and 2024; market for Virtual and Augmented Reality is rising to US$547,207.68 mn by 2024 Virtual reality may not have hit top

Universal Design Specialists now offering discounted ADA compliant handicap door opener kits with Free shipping and fast delivery

California, USA – As a result of more vigilant enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Universal Design Specialists is now offering discounted ADA automatic door opener packages with Free Shipping through their online store at http://www.universaldesignspecialists.com/handicap-door-opener/ Created for the demands

Commercial Drones Market – Advancement in Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies to Bolster Newer Applications

Commercial Drones Market is forecast to exhibit a CAGR of 13.8% between 2017 and 2025. At this pace. The market’s valuation is expected to reach US$8.89 bn by the end of 2025, from US$2.8 bn in 2016 The swelling enthusiasm

Countdown Begins for the Launch of World’s First Built In Virtual and Live Tutor Help, Tutor Tablet

Chicago, IL – The world’s first virtual tutor tablet, the Tutor Tablet, will soon be available to offer educational help and on-call tutor to students from pre-school to college levels. Tutor Tablet, scheduled to launch in September 2017, is powerful

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