The Opening of The 3rd Shijiazhuang Tourism Industry Development Conference

October 12 20:05 2018

On the evening of October 11, 2018, the 3rd Shijiazhuang Tourism Industry Development Conference was grandly opened in Xibaipo, a holy land of Chinese revolution.

The opening of the 3rd Shijiazhuang Tourism Industry Development Conference was proclaimed by Qi Xuchun, vice chairman of The 12th CPPCC and member of Standing Committee of CPC Hebei Provincial Committee, Xing Guohui, secretary of CPC Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee, Zeng Guangchao, director of China Promotion Association of Old Revolutionary Areas, Xia Yanjun, vice governor of Hebei Provincial Government, Shen Xiaoping, vice chairman of Hebei Committee of CPPCC, Lu Xiaoguang, vice chairman  of Hebei Committee of CPPCC, Wang Yumei, former vice chairman of Hebei Committee of CPPCC and director of Promotion Association of Old Revolutionary Areas, Na Shuchen, director of Hebei Tourism Development Commission, and Li Xuyang, secretary of CPC Pingshan County Committee.

Wang Jinliang, member of the NPC’s Internal Affairs & Justice Committee, also attended the opening ceremony. Sultan Mansouri, Ambassador of Qatar to China and other important foreign guests were invited to attend the conference. Deng Peiran, deputy secretary of CPC Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee and mayor, presided over the opening ceremony.

Xing Guohui made a speech at the opening ceremony. In his speech, he firstly extended a warm welcome to the attendees on behalf of CPC Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee, Municipal People’s Congress, Municipal Government and Shijiazhuang Committee of CPPCC, and extended sincere thanks to those from all walks of life who cared about and supported the construction and development of Shijiazhuang for many years. This session of Tourism Industry Development Conference held in the old revolutionary base area aimed to recall the revolutionary history of New China, learn about the era connotation of Xibaipo spirit, know about the true meaning of practice of “blue water and green mountains are the treasures”, and build a modern provincial capital and an economic powerful city, he said.

Xing Guohui said that Shijiazhuang is a vibrant city of hope. General Secretary Xi Jinping’s deep knowledge and love for this land inspires us to forge ahead with gratitude. The coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, “Belt and Road”, planning and construction of Xiongan New Area and other national strategies promote us to develop. The vigorous rise of “4+4” modern industry unveils the era of promoting high-quality development. He sincerely expected all the attendees to make good use of this tourism development conference and to carry out cooperation in tourism development and actively participate in the development of Shijiazhuang tourism industry. He sincerely welcomed all the people to visit Shijiazhuang to feel the unique charm of Shijiazhuang, grasp the investment opportunity in Shijiazhuang, strengthen mutual communication, seek for common development and build a better future together.

Diplomatic envoys and representatives of tourism agencies from 17 countries including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the senior officials from 39 sister cities nationwide and well-known representatives of tourism investment enterprises, old cadres and comrades who have worked in Shijiazhuang and Pingshan County attended this opening ceremony.

Li Dejin, deputy secretary of CPC Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee, Liu Mingxuan, chairman of Municipal Political Consultative Conference and other officials of four leading authorities attended the conference.

After the conference, a large live performance of “New China Coming from Here” was performed.

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