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November 30 10:00 2018

Health blogs offering simple solutions for a myriad of health problems are abound on the internet. There are some health blogs that have a niche they focus on – 247healthblog.com is one of them. It has its focal point on Nigerian ethos and Nigerian food culture that are enabling of the healing of many afflictions and also health giving. 247healthblog is also inclusive in its content, having, besides health and wellness, categories like food, fitness, sexual health, dental hygiene, beauty as well as general. What sets 247healthblog.com apart from other blogs is its concentration on wellness that is uniquely African, making it the No 1. Spot for health solutions in the African region, zooming into Nigeria.

247healthblog.com is ideal for people to use as their daily dose of health increasing and wellness preserving information. The site is filled with interesting information regarding health remedies that are very much doable with ingredients one doesn’t need go far to find – they are readily available in the kitchen or the garden. The blogs on Afang soup and the African Salad, Abacha are perfect examples of adding health into diets courtesy of 247healthblog.com – they speak about the ingredients used in both dishes that are native to the African continent and their nutritional contents.

247healthblog.com writes like they are speaking to the reader – and they all have a personal story which gives a human connection to the readers, like someone is actually sharing their stories because they care – sharing is caring. Apart from blogs on health tips and food that are uniquely Nigerian and African, 247healthblog.com also provides content that addresses general problems that prevent people from leading fulfilling and quality lives. Concisely put, 247healthblog.com is comprehensive in their writing of health blogs. The writers for 247healthblog.com are qualified people – doctors, medical marketers, bloggers and volunteers that have banded together to write and post health tips that are unique.

In a bid to make 247healthblog.com appeal to wider audiences by covering more health ameliorating tips and remedies, guest writers that have what it takes are welcome to write for the blog. Planet Ayurveda is such a guest writer that elaborates on the age-old Indian way of restoring and preserving health and wellness.

247healthblog.com is a most suitable health blog for anyone concerned about how to live a healthier life and learn new things on the go.

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