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December 11 19:32 2018

MD Formulated Natural Hangover Support encouraging you to Enjoy Tonight, Enjoy Tomorrow!
California Medical Doctor Launches the Ultimate Hangover Solution

Detoxicated is formulated by a medical doctor using natural ingredients which support the body’s ability to process alcohol and its toxic byproducts. When used before and immediately after consuming alcohol, Detoxicated can greatly minimize the unwanted after-effects of alcohol consumption and promote more restful sleep.

San Diego, CA – Dec 11, 2018 – With several hangover supplements on the market claiming to cure or prevent hangovers, this medical doctor guarantees that her hangover product will prevail.

Dr. Jenn MD, physician and founder of Detoxicated Inc., recently launched Detoxicated, a natural hangover support supplement that “reduces the likelihood and severity of a hangover.” By taking two of the distinct capsules prior to drinking and taking another two capsules immediately after drinking, Detoxicated helps users to steer clear of hangover symptoms the next morning. It does this by enhancing the naturally produced enzymes involved in alcohol metabolism and by reducing acetaldehyde, the toxic by-product of alcohol known to be one of the culprits responsible for hangover symptoms.

Acknowledging the growing number of hangover products on the market, Detoxicated takes pride in differentiating themselves with their unique before-and-after formulation – formulas that Dr. Jenn spent over a year perfecting. The rationale for a before-and-after formulation is that some ingredients have been scientifically shown to be most effective either before alcohol consumption or after alcohol consumption. “By taking the ingredients at the right time, it maximizes the efficacy to help reduce hangovers. A few ingredients are also essential to facilitate alcohol metabolism and helps to protect your liver, so it would be very beneficial to replenish these prior to drinking,” Dr. Jenn says.

Hangovers are not the only alcohol-related issue that the San-Diego based Doctor wants to address. Filled with vitamins and anti-oxidants, Detoxicated helps to protect the liver from damage caused by the toxic by-products that alcohol produces – a message that Detoxicated strongly emphasizes, particularly for women. Although Detoxicated is made for both men and women, Dr. Jenn is keen on spreading awareness that women are 10x more likely to suffer from alcohol-related liver damage over time compared to men. The Detoxicated formula supplements the liver with exactly what it needs to break down alcohol and its toxic by-products efficiently and can reduce potential damage to the liver.

It doesn’t stop there. Asian flush syndrome, also known as Asian glow or alcohol flush, is another issue correlated to alcohol consumption with which Detoxicated helps. People of Asian descent can experience redness, nausea, and in severe cases a fever after consuming alcohol. This is because the naturally occurring enzymes involved in alcohol metabolism have a specific genetic variation that make these enzymes less efficient in some bodies, and cause acetaldehyde to accumulate in higher concentrations than usual. However, Dr. Jenn stresses that while it would work for the majority of those with Asian flush, there is a small percentage who lack the crucial enzymes completely and thus, would not be effective for.

These MD formulated hangover pills were made for legal, social drinkers of any age. “I created this for people like me: professionals who can’t sacrifice productivity, they have a social life they want to enjoy, and are health-conscious. We shouldn’t have to pick one over the other,” Dr. Jenn says. “It’s also for people who’ve lost their tolerance over the years and wake up with a hangover with even just a glass or two of wine. That’s definitely happened to me.”

You can find Detoxicated on their website and The best part? Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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