December 11 19:34 2018

Get ready for ringside seats to this year’s five favorite MMA films.

Los Angeles, CA – December 11, 2018 – Get sucker-punched with the new, three-time winning MMA film, ‘SHINER’ – now streaming on Amazon:

MMA films have been admired in pop culture cinema since the sport debuted in the ‘90s. From the action sequences and bloody punches to the rise of the underdog, MMA films share stories that many can relate to – inside and outside the ring.

“The complexity of MMA as it blends various martial arts together makes it a hit with those who appreciate combat sports, while the many colorful personalities draw in the casual fans,” wrote Evolve-MMA.

Filled with action-packed spectacles, the art to MMA fighting is creative and inspiring, allowing for highly entertaining experience. “Movies are entertaining but so are martial arts. And when a film can combine the two and make it work, it is always a funfest,” wrote The Cinemaholic.

Here’s your list to five MMA films that you’ll definitely get a kick out of:

1. The Warrior (2011) – Directed and written by Gavin O’Connor

The Warrior tells the story of two estranged brothers and MMA fighters, who find themselves forced to confront the past that tore them apart. Tommy Conlon (Tom Hardy) an ex-marine enlists his father Paddy (Nick Nolte) a former coach and alcoholic to coach him and help him win the MMA fight. While his estranged brother, Brendan chooses a new life as a public school teacher only to find that it’s not sufficient to pay the bills. Brendan decides to enter the competition and faces his brother and his past. Both brothers emerge from the dark as contenders but the biggest battle won’t be fought in the ring but in their hearts.


2. Shiner (2018) – Directed by Seo Mutarevic

Shiner tells the story of Matt (Seya Hug) who sets out to live his dream as a world MMA fighter. He finds Happy McBride (Kevin Bernhardt), a washed up MMA fighter who trains Matt as he fights his way to the top. But, when he falls for Happy’s daughter, Nikki (Shannon Staller), Matt must make a decision once and for all.

3. Never Back Down (2008) – Directed by Jeff Wadlow

Never Back Down tells the story of an angry high-school student, Jake Tyler (Sean Faris), who struggles to fit into his new school following a recent drunk driving accident that killed his father. But after Jake discovers the ultimate underground fighting club, Jake decides to enter ‘The Beatdown’, hoping to defeat the school bully once and for all.


4. Blood and Bone (2009) – Directed by Ben Ramsey

Blood and Bone tells the story of a Bone (Michael Jai White), an ex-con who takes on the world of underground MMA fighting to uncover the culprit that murdered his best friend in prison. 

5. The Philly Kid (2012) – Directed by Jason Connery

The Philly Kid tells the story of a former NCAA champion wrestler, Dillon (Wes Chatham), who is released after 10 years in prison. Introduced to minor league MMA to help his friend Jake with gambling fights, Dillon finds himself caught between shady promoters, cops, his parole officer, and even, his family.


TriCoast Entertainment has finally released Mutarevic’s action-packed fighter film SHINER onto Amazon, and other US digital platforms including Fandango, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, XBOX Live, Hoopla and Playstation.

Watch the trailer for SHINER here:

SHINER (2018, 104 min.) Directed by Seo Mutarevic. Produced by: Ilona Hug, Mark Moore. Editor: Tuffy Williams. Cinematographer: Seo Mutarevic. Original Music: Oliver Goodwill & Alan Howarth. USA, English. Dragonstone Entertainment, Promise Productions, Glass House Distribution, TriCoast Entertainment.

Produced by: Dragonstone Entertainment, Promise Productions.

About Glass House Distribution:

Glass House Distribution was co-founded by Wall Street Broker-dealer Bryan Glass and Tom Malloy, the triple hyphenate Actor/Writer/Producer, known for #SCREAMERS (which was just released theatrically) and The Alphabet Killer, as well as being the author of BANKROLL, which was considered the gold-standard book on film financing. The growing sales/distribution company prides itself on the double entendre of their name, both the last name of Glass, and the “Glass House,” meaning they’re completely transparent and straightforward in their approach to filmmakers. Their veteran sales agents include Rob Deege (Soul Surfer) and Michelle Alexandria (Producer of #Screamers, First Dog, A Life Lived starring Denise Richards).

About TriCoast Entertainment: 

TriCoast Entertainment is a premium Domestic Distributor, representing the best of US and international films: in theaters, on VOD, on DVD and TV. Sister company to TriCoast Worldwide and TriCoast Studios, the company is located at the TriCoast Studio facility in Culver City, Los Angeles.

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