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December 13 04:50 2018
One in five people who apply for a loan through a bank is turned down. This high statistic causes misery for millions of people each year who need a short-term loan. Loanski aims to change that with their short-term loan application service.

A short-term loan provider is helping millions of people each year to gain the financial help they need after being turned down by a bank. Loanski, which has been described as the fourth emergency service when it comes to financial help simplifies the process of applying for and receiving financial assistance.

Loanski was set up to plug a hole in the financial lending market. With one in five people being turned down for a traditional loan through a bank or being rejected for an overdraft to cover an emergency payment or a shortfall, many of those applicants turn to unauthorised lenders. Turning to a loan shark or unauthorised lender can result in serious financial problems. That is why C.A.B, Trading Standards, and debt management companies advise people to only lend money from authorised and reputable lenders.

Since the financial crisis in 2008, the way banks lend people money has changed. Banks have now become very strict with or they do and do not lend money to which has left millions of people who require a loan struggling. Loanski has come to the aid of those people who require a loan and who no longer fit in with the bank’s new strict requirements.

The short-term loan platform allows people to apply and receive a loan with affordable repayments. Unlike applying through a bank for a loan or for an overdraft, the applicants previous credit history does not result in the loan being turned down.

The loan application has been simplified to allow anyone with or with previous experience to apply for a loan. The process takes around ten minutes or less where applicants can apply for a loan from one hundred to two thousand pounds. Unlike with banks where the applicant would have to wait a few days to receive the decision, with Loanski short-term loans a decision is provided within three minutes.

Loanski provides loans for any purpose including the requirement to fix a broken-down boiler, cover the cost of a vehicle breakdown, and even when wages don’t cover the rest of the month.

Due to the way Loanski help people to gain a loan, they have become one of the most recommended loan application platforms currently available. To learn more about applying for a short-term loan, please visit

About Loanski

Loanski has been constructed with one mission in mind and that’s enabling its users to obtain the best quotation for a personal loan from over large panel of lenders using an automated decision process. Getting a decision for a short-term loan has never been easier, once you have filled in the application form you can expect a decision in as little as 3 minutes.

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