Hero of the Hair Styling Tools: An American Brand “Motiv-Pro” designs Hair Combo

December 13 07:00 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada – The revolutionary appearance of the Motiv-Pro in 2016 has been marked as a spectacular coronation of a hairdressing tool brand. Headquartered in Las Vegas, and founded by Louie Merlot, Motiv-Pro has been climbing up the ladder of success ever since. Their hairdressing tools and styling products are specially made for the professional young barbers to help their customer have the beautiful, trendy, and a stylish mane to flaunt.

Their most famous hairstyling product is the combs which were designed by Louie Merlot. With these combs, hair-cutting has become much easier and precise. Some other famous tools of theirs are blades, razors, capes, hair fibers, styling gels, and so on. Louie Merlot is himself a name among the celebrities as he has styled many a celebrity as well as athlete’s hair such as Diego Rivas, Lil Boosie, Christy Mack, Brandon Paul, and the list goes on.

Starting the brand from scratch, Louie has lifted it to the highest position through his and also his team’s dedication and hard work. Louie Merlot was himself an orphan, with no one by his side, when he had started this brand to provide one of a kind tools and equipment for great and mind-blowing hairstyles, and that was achieved all by himself. Later, he was joined by professional personnel who made his company grow into a beach from a grain of sand.

Motiv-Pro is the only name which comes to the mind of the professional barbers when they think about purchasing hairstyling products and equipment. With their beautiful and gorgeous collections of Comb set, Hair Grippers, Maximum Exposure Razors, Styling Gels, Peel off Masks, Curl Sponge, shear sets, and so on; they are the best in the hairstyling market. So, come and have a look at their range of products, and tools and choose the one you need. Check out all the best deals, newest products, and the top-sellers they have and be an awesome hairstyling expert yourself! 

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