RURUCI building content-focused travels to explore the destination like never before

December 13 09:16 2018

The conventional way of vision landmarks such as the Grand Canyon, Tokyo’s Asakusa is still popular. But travelers today desire to experience different cultures, activities, social activities, as a way to fully experience the region they are visiting first hand and educate themselves at the same time. Activities such as bungee jumping, scuba diving, skiing, tracking, and cooking classes have increased 1.6 times in 2018 from the previous year, proving the latest consumer trends in the industry. 

This phenomenon has influenced not only AirBnB but also other travel content platforms such as KLook from Hong Kong, Ruruci from Korea. The latter is due to the easily accessible platforms offering colorful and attractive destination content with convenient reservation processes have increased. According to SH Lee from Ruruci: “Many travelers have the desire to feel part of their travel destinations”. “That means, they require activities that can immerse them into the destination and give them the chance to interact with it. Unlike the conventional travel packages, today first-hand activities, history lesson, tracking, and others are becoming more and more popular. We here at Rurucihave enjoyed much success with our beta service that contained this very content, and in early 2019 we are going to officially launch the service”. 

From the Passive Traveling Style, where it was only about the visiting the destination, Now, the Active style that incorporates the direct interaction with the destination, calls for more content focused on that first-hand experience and it seems its popularize is only going to grow further. 

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