ETF Fierce Competition And Argus Fine Design Trend

February 01 17:42 2019

Index investment has become a major trend in the fund industry. More and more fund companies have begun to layout trading open index funds(ETF). The competition area of the ETF product line has also expanded rapidly, extending to the original niche Smart Beta strategy. With the rapid increase of Smart Beta products, the new products launched by global fund companies are showing a trend of differentiation and refinement.

Smart-Beta earnings are generally based on exposure to factors such as benefits, risks and others, according to industry insiders.Profit factors include dividend factors, value factors, fundamental factors, etc., while high or low volatility factors are risk factors. In addition, there are some equal weight factors that also belong to the more mainstream factors.

The Argus fund’s Dow Jones High Divide ETF is not a simple dividend ETF. The fund has added value growth factors in the hope of solving a core problem facing the dividend ETF, that is, such ETFs adopt an optimized strategy to ensure dividend stability.

Argus’s new customer investment daily dividend mechanism optimizes ETF’s traditional operating model, achieves the differentiation and detail of ETF products, and customers invest in ensuring that there is no loss of principal. It also achieved that it would not be unable to gain due to adverse market conditions. This is also the core competitiveness of Argus.

Argus’s general manager of the stock and investment department says that in 2019, we must adhere to the strategy of steady progress, with absolute returns as the main consideration, and focus on the relatively clear direction of the stock market, including the direction of stable growth of high dividends. The key sectors of foreign investment are divided into leading directions, which also include elastic directions such as countercyclical, policy stimulus and long-term high growth expectations.

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