Bill Goldberg Pulls 2 Vehicles and an Airplane with World’s Strongest USB Cable

February 02 00:22 2019

Ever heard the saying “Only the strong”? It was coined from the fact that for anyone or thing to surmount any situation, a certain kind of strength has to be applied. Whether physical, emotional or psychological, strength is a very important part of life.

Crave identified USB cables to be one of the major products in recent times that is in need of modification. From IPhone cords to normal USB cables and even auxiliary cords that are used daily, the same types of problems are identified. From poor connectivity to weak connection points or cords that just snap when stored awkwardly, it was noticed that the durability of normal cords under constant use last only a few weeks.

These considerations prompted Crave to embark on a one year research into inventing the world’s strongest cord. To achieve this, the company launched the program in March 2017 and began working on polyethylene Fiber, which is the same material used in making bulletproof vests and Kevlar. This material along with some other rugged materials was used to create the new Crave 4ORCE cable which is the strongest USB cord in the world.

One major feature is the invention of the new Crave ‘4ORCE Fiber’ which was discovered in the process of creating the new Crave USB cable. Its composition is an upgrade from the materials used in making Kevlar. Crave wanted something tougher, and proceeded to create a new type of fiber material.

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With this new USB cable designed to withstand incredible stress and composed of fiber that is tough and durable, it seemed only fitting that such strength is tested with equal strength.

WWE legend and professional trainer, Bill Goldberg who is unarguably one of the toughest men in the world was asked to pull 2 vehicles and an airplane using nothing but the new Crave 4ORCE cable!

Crazy, right?

After pulling for almost the length of a football pitch, we observed that man was tired but the cable was not! This went a long way to reveal the level of durability and strength the new Crave 4ORCE cable possesses. Other cords would’ve snapped with half the strain the Crave 4ORCE cable was subjected to, yet the Crave 4ORCE didn’t just withstand the stress, it still retained its charging capabilities.

“Virtually indestructible” are some of the words used to describe the new Crave 4ORCE USB cable.

If you’ve had enough weak cables and faulty cords, then the new Crave 4ORCE cable should be on your shopping list!


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