BrokerDispute warns the Taxpayers to Look Out for These Common Tax Scams in 2019

February 02 01:03 2019

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BrokerDispute, an online community that assists people victimized by broker scams, warns about the five most common tax scams everyone must lookout for.

Atlanta, Georgia (getnews) February 1, 2019 – is warning about five widespread tax scams – phone scams, phishing, fraudulent tax preparers, virus-infected tax sites, and offshore account money transfers. An online community, BrokerDispute assists individuals victimized by tax scam calls, forex scams, binary options scams, and more.

“It all usually begins with a phone call,” a spokesman explains. “In Australia and the United States, the caller can claim to be from the Internal Revenue Service or state or local tax collection agency, and pressure you into handing over your money now,” he continues. “Don’t believe you’re the only one who has been the recipient of a threatening phone call from a tax scammer. Such aggressive tactics have been used by scammers around the globe.”

Tax phone scammers deceive people by making them believe that they owe back taxes that, if left unpaid, will result in their immediate arrest and imprisonment. As a result, the scammers pressure their victims to pay them money using a credit card, wire transfer or even gift cards, which are untraceable. A second aim of the scammers is to convince their victims to hand over personal financial information such as their bank account or Social Security numbers, which they will then be able to use for purposes of identity theft.

Phishing is another tool used by tax scammers. Realistic-looking emails generated by scammers direct recipients to bogus websites that look like they belong to a genuine financial institution, bank or even the IRS itself. Such emails will claim that the individual has a tax debt to pay, or that their credit card/bank account has been compromised or they are eligible for an income tax refund.

“These emails can ask you to address a tax payment issue, claim a refund or confirm your identity, but the link provided is phony and can enable the scammers to steal your personal data,” BrokerDispute notes. “Moreover, IRS phishing scams can also take the form of email attachments embedded with harmful codes that can damage or breach your digital devices.”

The situation is even worse if people seek the assistance of a third party to help with their taxes. Certain tax accountants with ulterior motives have been known to steal a client’s money while working on his or her tax refund. Taxpayers should search for referrals online before hiring a professional in order to reduce the possibility of falling into the hands of a fraudster.

BrokerDispute also warns consumers to stay away from ads on search engines about anonymous discount tax preparations. Such websites may be infected by viruses capable of compromising device security and stealing personal data.

People have also reported to BrokerDispute that they have received phone calls offering to move their money to offshore accounts. “You have probably heard that wealthy business individuals often hold financial accounts offshore,” their spokesman says. “That may make you curious if you get a phone call or email offering to do the same for you,” he warns. “Exercise caution,” he advises. “This could be another type of tax scam, and if you fall for it you are likely to lose your money and may even be prosecuted by the IRS.”

BrokerDispute offers free assistance to anyone victimized by tax scams. Visitors to their website can file a scam complaint, which their counselors will then review. Once the review is complete a counselor will contact the scam victim to advise what the best avenue is to get their money back.

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