Smash the Dummy Android game allows the user to relieve stress and let their anger out

March 28 01:04 2019

Smash the Dummy is an exciting new and pretty helpful game to relieve everyday stress and release anger. It features a virtual rag doll that the users can punch, beat, shoot and kick using various options and objects in the game. There is no doubt that modern lifestyle and work pressure has increased the frustration levels in people and most often, they don’t find a healthy way to let all of their stress, frustration, and anger out. This is when Smash the Dummy Android game helps the user in relieving stress through a fun way. Just think of someone you’re annoyed at as the rag doll and let all your anger out. It’s that simple!

Smash the Dummy app allows the users to use a variety of weapons and even a magic wand to defeat the rag doll. It is a no mercy brutal game where the user can kick and give payback to those who make them angry. Instead of carrying the frustration of workplace to home and taking it out on the family members in one way or another, the user can simply open the app, and beat the rag doll to go home with a peaceful mind. Moreover, the user is up for a real fight here, because the ragdoll can fight back! So they have to use all they got to defeat it.

Major features of the game:

  • Provides an easy way to relieve stress and let all the anger out
  • Provides a feeling of accomplishment by defeating the enemy
  • Various options to beat the ragdoll such as punch, kick, throw cubes, throw a basketball, jelly cannon, slap machine, spray red, throw air grenade, use the elastic ball, shoot with nerf gun, paintball gun, and more.
  • Use bombs, shockers, axes and other weapons
  • Shoot with bows and arrows.
  • Nunchaku, shurikens, grand pianos. 
  • Shadow boxing, shoulder wave and much more
  • Collect coins for beating the rag doll and use the coins to unlock more weapons and magic spells
  • Watch free short videos to unlock weapons and magic spells

Within a short period of its launch, the game has received good reviews from the users. It can be downloaded for free from Google PlayStore.

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