Xia Boyu Believes Mount Everest is not the End and He will Challenge the Highest Peaks, the North and South Poles of Seven Continents

May 15 21:03 2019
According to Economic View client on May 15th (reported by Zhang Meng), the Launching Ceremony, Mountain Tourism International Forum of International Mountain Tourism Conference co-sponsored by Nepal Tourism Board, International Mountain Tourism Alliance, Thamel Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd., will be held in Kathmandu, Nepal, on May 29th.

The annual meeting of International Mountain Tourism Alliance in 2018 adopted the initiative of setting up the International Mountain Tourism Conference, with the event of human’s climbing to Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world for the first time on May 29, 1953 as the symbol. It designated this day as International Mountain Tourism Conference, in order to arouse people’s awareness of protecting mountain resources, inheriting mountain civilization, enhance their awareness of promoting mountain economy and responsibility, and advocate a positive, healthy and upward lifestyle, and create a better future for mountain tourism. In the event, as China’s first person to climb Mount Everest with prosthetic legs, Xia Boyu will be awarded the title of “Goodwill Ambassador for Mountain Tourism” and give his keynote speech. Nowadays let’s know Xia Boyu and listen to the little-known stories of him.

Photograph of Xia Boyu’s Mountaineering Provided by the Interviewee

Persistent pursuit of dreams for 43 years

For 43 years, Xia Boyu has been insisting on doing only one thing. He almost lost his life by climbing Mount Everest five times, even he lost his both feet, he still put on the prosthetic limbs and went ahead resolutely. In recent rare years, Xia Boyu climbed Mount Everest and laughed proudly. He explained what “challenge the impossibility” was with his own stories. He is exactly Xia Boyu.

Xia Boyu first got acquainted with Mount Everest in 1975, and then he challenged it three times in succession from 2014 to 2016. His determination for climbing was inspired by the fourth time of opportunity missing with the peak. Xia Boyu also paid a huge price for climbing Mount Everest: amputation, disability, cancer… Faced with the constant blow of fate, he did not fall: “The power of dreams let me out of the troughs, I want to challenge myself, and fight against fate.”

Climbing Mount Everest requires systematic and scientific training. Xia Boyu exercises 5-6 hours per day and gets up at 5 o’clock every morning to start strength training, including 1500 squats with sand bags of 10-kilogram weight, 320 sit-ups with dumbbell of 5-kilogram weight, 100 pull-ups and 480 push-ups. He also need to ride 20 kilometers, climb Fragrant Hill and hike 10 kilometers, etc.

That hard work pays off finally. At 10:41 of May 14, 2018 (SGT), Xia Boyu, in his late sixties, he succeeded in climbing Mount Everest in his fifth attempt, becoming the oldest person ever to climb Mount Everest in China, the oldest disabled person in the world, and the first Chinese to climb Mount Everest with prosthetic lambs.

Photograph of Xia Boyu’s Mountaineering Provided by the Interviewee

Fatal hardship behind his climbing the highest peak

The fifth climbing to Mount Everest started with storms and thunderstorms, and Xia Boyu thought that he might not be able to fulfill his dream of climbing it again. For the first four times, the regret that he had no chance to climb the summit of Mount Everest because of the unexpected weather conditions made him hold back his strength and persevere. At the height of 6800 meters, the accident happened again. The screw on his prosthetic limbs fell off unexpectedly. He said, “Thanks to the timely discovery, otherwise the result would be unthinkable.”

At 10:41 of May 14, 2018 (SGT), Xia Boyu finally fulfilled his dream for decades and reached the summit of Mount Everest. He recalled the situation at that time and said that he was calm and did not make any special appearance. After climbing to the summit, the road to retreat is still difficult and dangerous. Xia Boyu’s body was frostbitten by the snowstorm. Because of swelling knees and inadequate wearing of prosthetic limbs, he was stuck in ice cracks several times and almost fell off, so he had to slide down the hillside. He still recalled with emotion, “That was very fatal.”

Appealing more people to integrate into nature

For the first International Mountain Tourism Conference held in the Himalayan region this year, Xia Boyu expressed a lot of emotions. He said that it was a positive, healthy and upward activity, which could promote people to re-recognize mountain climbing and attract more people to go out of their homes and integrate into nature. It is good for both physical and mental health and releasing working pressure. At the same time, he said, “International Mountain Tourism Conference” can also promote the development of local economy.

Xia Boyu also stressed that environmental protection is a very key task and responsibility for climbers, especially the education for tourists to strengthen in this area.

Photograph of Xia Boyu Provided by the Interviewee

Mount Everest is not the end and he will challenge the highest peaks, the North and South Poles of Seven Continents

At present, Xia Boyu has achieved the goal of climbing the world’s highest peak, however, his goal does not stop there.

Xia Boyu insists that people should have their own dreams. He himself will persist in climbing mountains and challenge one limit after another. “The next goal is the highest peaks, the North and South Poles of Seven Continents.”

Xia Boyu, in his late sixties, has a very rich life arrangement. He said that he would set up a foundation in his own name to help teenagers achieve their dreams. Meanwhile, he would take part in some public welfare activities.

The staff around Xia Boyu told the reporter of Economic View Client that another “peak” of Xia Boyu is to do public welfare. “Mr. Xia has persisted in his dreams for decades, hoping to use the dream fund to encourage people to persist in pursuing their dreams and persevere in their efforts, which is of greater significance.”

With his own experience, Xia Boyu reveals to us the profound connotation of “extreme challenge”. His step of climbing the “peak” has never stopped, and will also inspire more people to run hard and pursue their dreams.

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