Inviting Key Enterprises Accurately and Discovering New Business Opportunities – 2019 Chengdu International Business Tour Launched Today

May 15 21:09 2019

“Made in Germany” is the benchmark of world manufacturing. Behind this honor are not only BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Bosch, Siemens and other giants as the backbone force, but also the meticulous efforts of SMEs which account for more than 99% in each sub-field. In order to build a bridge of two-way communication, exchange and cooperation between Chengdu and Germany, promote the construction of Chengdu as an international gateway and hub city as well as an inland pacesetter of open economy, and attract more outstanding German enterprises to invest and develop in Chengdu in an international business environment, the 2019 Chengdu International Business Tour is launched in Chengdu today.

Under the theme of “‘New International Perspective, New Business Opportunities’-2019 Chengdu International Business Tour Sino-German SME’s Exchange and Cooperation Session”, representatives of SMEs and trade associations from Germany, as well as experts from colleges and universities such as Technische Universität München and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, were invited to Chengdu for a multi-party dialogue on Chengdu’s urban and industrial development and further expansion of trade cooperation between the two sides. It is understood that in order to achieve more accurate matchmaking and promote cooperation between the two sides, most of the invited enterprises are concentrated in the fields of equipment manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, which has a high degree of industry correlation with the enterprises gathered in the Sino-German (Pujiang) SMEs Cooperation Zone. A delegation of more than 30 German heavyweight guests will also conduct a five-day study and research tour in Chengdu.

Key enterprises are invited to Chengdu for development

Guests actively inquire about the cooperation with Chengdu

As the door of opening-up opens wider and wider, Chengdu is speeding up the construction of an international gateway and hub city, accelerating the construction of an opening-up pacesetter of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, and promoting the formation of a new trend of all-round opening-up of “developing Chengdu into a start-point for all-around strategic channels and a pivot for opening-up in all industries”. At the launching ceremony, Zhang Wen, Deputy Director of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, delivered a speech and introduced Chengdu. He said that the 2019 Chengdu International Business Tour Sino-German SME’s Exchange and Cooperation Session reflects Chengdu’s emphasis on economic and trade cooperation with Germany and is also Chengdu’s “olive branch” to all other countries.

Chengdu welcomes all countries in the world to participate deeply in Chengdu’s open-minded cooperation and share development dividends. “A group of examples directly demonstrate the good cooperation between Chengdu and Germany: Chengdu has successively carried out friendly cooperation with Bonn, Nuremberg and Bavaria. Siemens, the German company that first entered Chengdu, has set up the world’s third industrial automation product R&D center in Chengdu. The Sino-German (Pujiang) SMEs Cooperation Zone, the third and first Sino-German cooperation zone respectively in China and West China, has attracted many German enterprises to settle in the Zone, such as Bosch, Colonial Mutual and Bayern Laser. In addition, many well-known German enterprises such as Volkswagen, BASF, Henkel and Bayer have also settled in Chengdu,” Zhang Wen introduced at the launching ceremony.

“I had made preparations before I came to Chengdu. Chengdu’s new economy is developing very well!” After hearing the introduction, Stefano Piotto, who came to attend the launching ceremony, could not contain his excitement and told the reporter excitedly. Stefano Piotto, an associate professor of pharmacy at the University of Salerno, was also the General Manager of SoftMining Technology. He revealed, “SoftMining mainly uses computers and special algorithms for drug design and digital health research. We have developed an ais-based drug discovery platform with productivity 10 times higher than the current industry standard. In the future, we want to cooperate with Chengdu local new economy enterprises, especially in the field of artificial intelligence. At present, we have made contact with some local enterprises in Chengdu, and I am full of expectation for our cooperation!”

Our reporter learned that the Chengdu International Business Tour will last from May 13 to 17. During the five-day period, more than 30 heavyweight guests who are looking forward to coming to Chengdu to seek cooperation will successively go to the Sino-German (Pujiang) SMEs Cooperation Zone, the Business & Innovation Centre for China-Europe Cooperation, the Tianfu New Area Planning Exhibition Hall, the Planning Exhibition Center of Tianfu Greenway, Chengdu Economic & Technological Development Zone, and other park platforms for on-site inspections. A series of interactive courses have been carried out in support of the event, covering the open courses such as Speeding up the Construction of an International Gateway and Hub City in Chengdu to Fully Serve the “Belt and Road” Initiative, and the Development of Chengdu Area in China (Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone. The Sino-German Cooperation Zone Exchange Symposium and the Chengdu-European Enterprises Special Exchange Fair are specially prepared to further promote the practical implementation of relevant phased achievements.

First stop: Sino-German (Pujiang) SMEs Cooperation Zone

Received positive feedback from many guests

This afternoon, the exchange delegation visited the Sino-German (Pujiang) SMEs Cooperation Zone at its first stop. As the only Sino-German cooperation demonstration zone in West China, the Sino-German (Pujiang) SMEs Cooperation Zone greatly excited the guests of the exchange delegation.


“It has established cooperative relations with the Institute for Automation and Industrial Technology, the Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics, and the Fraunhofer Society. Through attracting capital and intelligence and taking advantages and strengths, industrial and innovative resources are constantly accumulating here, which can be regarded as a model of Sino-German cooperation. I hope that the Sino-German (Pujiang) SMEs Cooperation Zone will become a fertile land for German enterprises to invest and develop in Chengdu in the future.” Lorenz Schneidmadel, General Manager of Leelosch GmbH praised it to the reporter while giving a thumbs-up sign.


Later, in Chengdu Sino-German Vocational Education Innovation Functional Zone, the exchange delegation visited the largest Kuka Robot Authorized Research Institute in the Asia-Pacific region and the only Sino-German (Chengdu) AHK Vocational Education and Training Center in Southwest China. “The ‘Kuka Robot Authorized Research Institute, which was officially licensed in 2018, has completed two enrollment sessions and trained 1,000 students for many colleges and universities. In the future, it will also cooperate with Chinesisch-Deutsches Hochschulkolleg, Chengdu Technological University and other colleges and universities to train technicians in all fields of robotics. The Sino-German (Chengdu) AHK Vocational Education and Training Center, which introduced Germany’s AHK vocational qualification training system, is dedicated to training high-quality workers and skilled talents for German-funded enterprises and well-known enterprises.” After hearing the staff’s introduction, Jan Eirik Hagen, CEO of Number Shopper, said with content, “Chengdu and Germany are sparing no effort to expand the new situation of cooperation between the two sides. I am very optimistic about the excellent development opportunities and prospects represented by this window. As an enterprise, we will also find more cooperation opportunities!” In fact, he showed great interest in Chengdu’s e-commerce market during this tour. “Through this event, I hope to cooperate with local marketing companies and shopping shops in Chengdu to develop our company’s market in China.”

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