Certified Spine & Pain Care Provides Epidural Steroid Injection Treatment For Chronic Pain Management

November 07 05:24 2019
Certified Spine & Pain Care Provides Epidural Steroid Injection Treatment For Chronic Pain Management
Certified Spine & Pain Care in Jupiter offers, along with a variety of services for pain management, provides epidural steroid injections to help manage chronic pain for their patients.

Jupiter, Florida – Certified Spine & Pain Care in Jupiter offer a variety of services by world-renowned pain management physician, Dr. Edwin Maldonado. The purpose of their work is to ensure that the patients have the pathway to battle, control and manage pain.

Dr. Edwin Maldonado, a pain doctor, has helped many patients manage their chronic pains and have given them an extraordinary opportunity to enjoy a better quality of life, by managing their chronic pains and reducing their chronic pains.

One of the methods that are used in the Certified Spine & Pain Care is Epidural Steroid Injection Treatment. This treatment allows patients to reduce pain significantly. For full treatment, it may require as few as 3 injections per month until the pain goes away. Sometimes the pain comes back which would then require additional injections. 

The process is simple. Anyone who has been injected before for any type of treatment would be familiar with most of the steps that will be taken in this procedure. There are a few differences between this procedure and the regular injection treatment. The main difference is that the injection may be administered to the neck or back. Before the injection and after the injection the area of the injection is cleaned using antiseptic soap, therefore, reducing the risk of any infection or unforeseen diseases. Anesthetic is also used to numb the area before injection. The type of anesthetic that is used is local and it is like what dentists use before operating on teeth. 

Overall, at Certified Spine & Pain Care in Jupiter patients will be able to get epidural steroid injection done by world-class doctors. Dr. Edwin Maldonado, MD, has helped many patients deal with their chronic pain and has found solutions for them to reduce their chronic pains to allow them a better enjoyment of life next to friends and family. Epidural steroid injection treatment is one of the services offered by Certified Spine & Pain Care pain control clinic and has helped many patients in the past by reducing the suffering as a result of chronic pains.Dr. Edwin Maldonado, MD, is one of the specialized pain doctors in Jupiter, Florida. He is best known for the patients he is helping daily to deal with their chronic pain and improving the quality of their life.

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Certified Spine & Pain Care in Jupiter understands how pain can affect daily routines and make life so much harder. The pain clinic, also found at https://about.me/certifiedspine, follows a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of chronic pain. Certified Spine & Care Jupiter offers an incredible treatment to increase pain relief for patients enduring painful conditions. The world-class staff at Certified Spine & Care will help their patients to the best of their abilities to reduce their chronic pain and allow patients to enjoy quality time with friends and family.

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