Doe Lashes launches a new subscription program where regular customers can get personalized delivery every month

May 26 02:20 2020
Wear the most comfortable eye-lashes that look and feel natural!

Los Angeles, CA, USA – With Doe Lashes, experience a cloud-like comfort wearing the smoothest eye-lashesfashioned with Korean silk and light-weight cotton. Doe Lashes believes that the makeup should be an extension of the natural beauty and so, the strip lashes from Doe Lashes provide a seamless experience of eye-lashes that feel so natural and weightless that they just feel like a part of the wearer’s eyes. Seeing just how many customers return to make a new purchase after every few days, Doe Lashes has launched a new subscription program to facilitate their regular and new customers. This subscription program will let the customers create a personalized order that will get delivered to them every month. So taking advantage of this subscription program, users will not have to waste their time ordering over and over again, just subscribe and get delivery every month.

Doe Lashes was founded by Jason Wong in 2018 to provide the top-notch quality eye-lashes for customers to wear every day. It was a mission to give the customers the best quality, long-lasting eye-lashes that feel comfortable and natural. Jason Wong says “Our goal since the brand was founded has always been to provide comfortable lashes, and deliver a fun and unique experience for the customer at every step of the shopping journey.” Jason soon recognized that the customers can miss out on some of the experiences that they would get if they were to shop in-store, so to elevate the shopping experience, Doe Lashes have been working tirelessly so that customers can wear lashes without the hassle and stress of shopping online.

Customers can choose a wide variety of eye-lashes to wear every day. The lashes are guaranteed to be long-lasting, allowing them to be worn over a dozen times and still retain their shape and weightlessness. Furthermore, the lashes are gentle to the eyes giving no irritation and heavy feeling to the eyes whatsoever. Doe Lashes know that not everyone is an expert when it comes to makeup, that’s why users can also find tutorials on the Doe Lashes website that provide guidance and step-by-step instructions on how to apply the lashes.

A lash guide is also available to the customers, which gives a quick overview of each of the products of Doe Lashes. For example, there are many products to choose from like Morning Dew, Silver Lining, Really Really Low-Key and many others. A new customer would not know what each of these products is, so Doe Lashes will tell its customers just about that.

Customer care is very important to Doe Lashes, hence, a care instruction guide can also be found at the website, informing the beloved customers how to take care of their lashes, what to do and what not to do that will keep the lashes longer-lasting.

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