China’s 6 million people will travel to 88 countries worldwide during “Super Golden Week”

October 02 22:24 2017

In 2017, it’s expected that 6 million Chinese consumers will travel to 88 countries during China’s “Super Golden Week”. Among the European countries, Morocco, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Czech, Finland, Austria, Germany, become the first choice for Chinese tourists.

In September 28th, Chinese Tourism Research Institute directly under the National Tourism Administration and the world’s leading Online Travel Corporation Ctrip Travel Group carried out a comprehensive monitoring for tourism situation and tourists’ behavior, issued the “2017 National Day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday’s travel trends report and popularity list”, based on this year’s market conditions during “National Day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday” and 1 million level holiday product subscription data from Ctrip’s more than 300 million users and more than 20000 travel agencies.

This year, China’s National Day Mid-Autumn Festival 8 days “Super Golden Week”, will form the world’s largest tourism tide. According to estimates, in 2017 National Day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, China’s domestic tourism market is expected to receive 710 million passengers, an increase of 10%; outbound tourists are expected to more than 6 million people; half of the Chinese people will spend the long holiday by way of travel. Tourism revenue will reach 590 billion Yuan, an increase of 12.2%.

China’s “Super Golden Week” is a great boost to global consumption. Ctrip Travel group data shows that 6 million people are expected to travel from nearly 300 domestic and overseas cities, reaching 88 countries and regions worldwide, 1155 domestic and foreign cities. The number of countries for travelling worldwide increased from 68 last year to 88, an increase of nearly 29%.


Ctrip big data analysis shows that women become the main strength for the golden week. Among the tourists who have scheduled Ctrip Travel with the group, free travel, cruise, local fun products, 60% are women; “Becoming younger” is obvious and 80’s, 90’s support tourism consumption. Young adults become the main force of Golden Week Travel and the proportion reached 60%: 31-45 (33%), who have strong consumption ability and is energetic, 19-30 (27%); “Family” is the keyword for national day travel, among the travel crowds, 42% family units accounted for the highest, they spend lots of money to treat the child in the golden week (32%), parents (10%). From the Ctrip Travel orders, it is convinced that “2+1” three homes accounted for the highest, “2+2” with two children travel increased more than 50% because of the two children policy.

According to the cost of tourists booking on holiday products such as Ctrip Travel with the group, free travel, China’s domestic travel cost is 3200 Yuan per capita; outbound travel is 9800 Yuan, increased slightly compared to the same period last year.

In the choice of overseas travelling places, the Mid-Autumn National Day holiday’s top 20 popular outbound countries (regions) are: Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, the United States, Hongkong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Russia, Australia, Kampuchea, Canada, Italy, Maldives, Germany, Britain, the United Arab Emirates and Sri Lanka according to outbound business data about Ctrip Travel with the group, free travel and cruise.

There is one noteworthy exception that due to geographical relations, about 70% Chinese tourists travel in Asia. Among them, Southeast Asia occupies the highest proportion: more than 45%, followed by Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, East Asia (Japan and Korea). Southeast Asia occupies 6 of the top 10 destinations.

However, the European market is becoming increasingly attractive to Chinese tourists. Ctrip monitoring data shows that the new destination obviously comes into Chinese tourists’ vision. Morocco, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Czech, Finland, Austria, Germany, Vietnam, Kampuchea and Italy became the ten dark horse destinations for the eleven outbound tourisms in 2017, with a growth rate of over 50%.

The first 8 are long line countries. More destinations in central and Northern Europe, Middle East, and Southeast Asia are among Chinese visitors’ choices. The Belt and Road countries have high popularity. European destinations have returned high popularity after more than a year’s recovery. Tourist volume to Australia, Canada, Egypt, Russia and other destinations has also increased obviously.

Among Chinese consumers’ demands for outbound travel services, traffic is the topic of most concern. According to Ctrip “micro leader” big data statistics and forecasts, outbound tourism users seek advice for the most concentrated problem is: traffic 15.9%, attractions 17%, delicious food 18.7%, and shopping 10%. Other hot issues include: weather 4.4%, exit and entry of border 1.4%, foreign exchange 1.5%, and baggage allowance 0.5%, and portable items 1.4%. It is interesting that the “companion” is also a big demand for tourists, so Ctrip micro leader supports “journey together” and “global gatherings” services also.

For any country in the world, perhaps the one who is able to identify the needs of Chinese tourists and provide them with timely service will get more revenue during China’s “super Golden Week” period. Missing such an opportunity can only prove that they have not read China.

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