Laminated Medical Films from Poly Shield in High Demand among Medical Companies

January 06 14:53 2015

Laminated Medical Films
Medical companies turn to PolyShield for help and protection against the dreaded disease Ebola.

PolyShield, a manufacturer of multi-layered and tear-off face shield protectors such as laminated medical films, is the company that medical enterprises are turning to for assistance in fighting against Ebola. The shield protectors from PolyShield are of the highest quality and created specifically for use in medical and surgical operating rooms as well for various other critical medical applications.

“PolyShield specializes in manufacturing multi-layered polymer films. The easy to install laminated medical film can serve as highly useful shield that help medical professionals deliver fast and effective medical assistance to patients without the risk of catching any infection.”

The PPE gear that healthcare workers and other medical professionals fighting the deadly Ebola virus are wearing has become an important weapon in the battle to contain the largest-ever outbreak of the disease. However, once the mask is soiled the protective gear must be removed to be replaced. This requires valuable time and unnecessary exposer for the medical professional. 

PolyShield makes these laminated medical films from highly durable, thin polymer material. The material can be used as an integral face shield or as an add-on to strengthen existing face shields. They are designed for easy installation and leave absolutely no air bubbles. In fact, it is bacteria-proof as there are no air gaps between layers where bacteria and other infection-spreading bacteria could possibly accumulate.

Another major advantage of using these laminated medical films is that it is highly transparent and almost invisible. The company makes use of a special technology to create a high anti-reflection surface which reduces glare from lighting.

There are multi-layers that make up these sheets. Each layer can be removed easily to reveal a clean, pristine sheet which obliterates the need to change or sanitize them. Doctors also save time as they won’t have to leave and enter the Operation Room repeatedly to get a fresh change of sheets.

According to the company spokesperson, PolyShield can be cut and shaped to the specifications of clients. They can be made available to requirements of specific situations and are available in a ready-for-installation form. The laminated medical films can be used ready for installation in face shields or onto face shields. Clients can order these materials in packaging that fit their requirements.

About Poly Shield:

PolyShield LLC specializes in manufacturing and offering technical expertise in polymer films, adhesives, die-cutting, and packaging. Their laminated medical films are in demand among medical companies because of their ability to provide protection of the highest level to healthcare workers and medical professionals, especially those combating the deadly effects of the Ebola virus.

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