Now put the seat down in an innovative way

February 27 13:12 2015

It has never been enough to tell the men and young boys to put the seat down and make it convenient for the ladies. But no more now.

There is an innovative product made of vinyl decal that is made in the USA that would now make it easy to practice. The size is 7” X 3” that makes it perfect for placing it on any potty seat. The black letters along with the two hands will ensure that it is easily noticeable and hence followed by the young boys and men in the house.

Installing this product is quite easy. The backing has to be peeled off and then it is pasted on the underside of the potty seat. It will remain where it is for years to come or till it is decided to remove it. The vinyl decal ensures that it can be cleaned easily and keeps looking like new for a real long time. After all, this is not something that can be told to the young men in the house all the time. But put the seat down act as a gentle reminder to them each time the toilet seat is being used. In fact, this is like training for them and will ensure that the seat is put down each time after being used.

This is something that will be highly convenient for the ladies. In addition, it will make the toilet hygienic and ready for use any time by the ladies. It will teach the boys of the house to be considerate towards the ladies and build on their general etiquette. Thus it is not something that is just decorative in nature. It has a lot of value and must be an important part of each toilet in the household for all to learn from.

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